The level of care Creating Harmony provides is unsurpassed.
I could not have asked for more considerate and sincere treatment.
Thank you for always being on time and friendly.
Your office staff is absolutely wonderful.
Dear Dr. K, Thank you for giving me my life back.
Thanks for covering the physical side as well as the emotional side of pain.
It doesn’t surprise me your new office is flourishing – who doesn’t want a great doctor?
Your honesty and compassion make you an excellent caregiver.
Your professionalism gave us confidence in your ability and your pleasant attitude brought us many smiles.
Thank you for being a caring, healing presence for my mom. I think it is a rare surgeon who will listen to and respect someone with views as divergent from mainstream medicine as hers. For you to sit with her before surgery and be a source of peace and good cheer rather than the opposite is something of a miracle.
Your compassion is not only appreciated, but makes you incomparable to any doctor I’ve met.
Words will never come close to being able to adequately express our gratitude and appreciation for all that you have done for us this past year. Please know that we will be thanking you for the rest of our lives with every smile, cry, laugh, hug, and moment we share with our kids. . . Your expertise, care, and comfort for both of us is more than we ever could have asked for.